Thursday, October 30, 2003

Oh yes!! It's Thursday!! :) And I'm going to stay at Malaysia for the weekend... ... ... :(
But it's ok... I will not be alone. I have my Manager to accompany me for the weekend. We'll do haircut, shopping and enjoy the food here together. For so many years in my life, I've never enjoyed so much in shopping... keke This is the first time leh... Well, I'll be self-control in all these $$ handling. To the best that I can.

Anyway thank God for the happenings in my life ever since August till now, from the beginning of my posting to Malaysia till now, I've learnt much more and gained insights, understanding the importance of working with people. Working with people is not an easy task at all. Especially when u meet those who tend to bully you and trying to push their responsibilities around. You will really have to learn about being patient and tolerant as well.

I think life will get even more exciting when you grow older. Don't you think so?? Last time I always wanted to be a kid, never grow up, just play and play and play. That's my job. But apparently, it's just a dream. When I got into secondary school, then I know what's stress. When I get into poly, I learnt what it is to be slack. After working for a year plus, I've got to know what is rest and relax (though many times it's not).

Enjoy life while you can!!


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