Thursday, October 23, 2003

Happy Deepavali!!!

Oh yes it's a long awaited public holiday ever since National Day in August....It has been two months since we last had a good rest for work. (For those working out there, cheers for the long weekend!! yippee!!) Yup as for me... same here!! I do have a public holiday but I'm stationed in Malaysia. Cannot go back to Singapore b'cos I can't get a ticket back... all sold out!! Haiz... I'm so depressed...

haiz... but nvm... I will go and shop around and get the best out of the KL's shopping centres!! Most importantly, will catch up with the Hope KL people... It seems so exciting but at the same time so sianz... haiz... mixed feelings again. But when I went back to S'pore last weekend, I felt a bit eh... ... funny... though went out with my CG last saturday, but things just seems to be a bit different. Didn't attend CG for decades. Been plunging myself into endless work and OT. I really want to go back. I know that I will be going back to Singapore on the third week of November but how i wish that I can go back now... ...

Yesterday my good buddy Josherine smsed me to ask me if I'm really not going back this weekend cos they are organising a cycling session at pasir ris.... haha i replied and say, ''Even if I'm going back, I don't think I will go cycling cos I dunnoe how to cycle!!''... she must be joking right?? haha.... never ask me to do two things.... associate anything with wheels (bicycle, roller skate, ice skating {though no wheels}etc....) and no water sports (swimming, canoeing, windsurf, diving etc...). i'm super lousy in these but if ball games like basketball, netball, badminton, etc... maybe I still can pull through... hehe

Well, I've always remembered how I participated in Netball actively in my Primary and Secondary school days. There was once that I turned so tanned that the uncle that was selling drinks in the school canteen asked me, "Ni pai hei ma?" (in mandarin) haha that really shocked me... I was really tanned then. But nowadays I''m getting kinda weak in my body... often fell sick and had diahorreas... that's bad. I think I better start to take care of my health before I go hay-wired.... keke

Feel so fragile now. time to go dinner and shop² later liaoz.... hehe

Enjoy your weekend all!! Auvoir!!


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