Wednesday, July 02, 2003

have been quite a while since i last wrote down my daily events. this week i felt so lethargic. very tired. sunday reached home at 10 plus after having dinner with the rest. monday went back to Yishun to have dinner with my family cos mom's b'dae mah. then yesterday reached home early at 8 plus but to my shock my toilet door has been removed accidentally by the Central guys.... haiz...

anyway i have been thinking in my heart if i should change job and go for something better. A job that can train me well as well as provide me better opportunities to serve God better. I wouldn't mind going for it. I think God wants me to prioritise him more. isn't it true?? haha anyway I'm looking out for jobs. God will guide me through. Isn't it true??

~ Come and make, my heart your home
Come and be everything I am and all i know
Search me through and through
Till my heart becomes a home for you ~


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