Thursday, July 10, 2003

yesterday evening we had a great time of organising a farewell party for Ying Yee who's going over to Australia to study for a year. well... a bit sad though but it turned out to be a little gathering of the ex-CG members and the rest of the guys in GN3. Guess that Ying Yee had a great and wonderful time reading our encouragements and letters on the plane just now...

We had great food... thanks for those who cooked... pple like Shumin who cooked spaghetti and prepared lemonade, Zimin bought sausages, Bryan bought pizzas, Ying Yee cooked Drunken Chicken... and myself bought only drinks... Josh bought Char Guay Teow... haha how funny it is... a group of pple trying to buy & cook food to feed others...

Well... Ying Yee said that he was so touched by the overwhelming responses.... pple like stephanie, KC, Rachel, Alex Fong and Ming Lee, Bee Na came and bless him with their presence.

Anyway I have some prayer requests for u who is reading. but i tink it will come later today or tomorrow. hehe... well take care everyone... ciao... :)

~Make A Way Through The Desert, Make A Way Through The Storm, Make A Way When There Seems No Way, Our God Will Make A Way!~


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