Thursday, July 17, 2003

well... i met up with my new shepherd (spiritual mentor) on tues evening after work at Holland V.'s Burger King. It was the second meet up already. I'm so glad that God gave me a shepherd like her to learn from. She's humble, gentle and mature spiritually. I think she is really a blessing in my life. She walked me through the Sunday sermon last week about Love. Well, thought that I've forgotten about everything. But she came and remind me so that I can be practical about it.

The thing that struck me most is about envy. A lot of times I'm just so envious about so many people around me, their families, their possessions and so on. But I have never remembered to give thanks to what God has given to me so far. I think it's time to be selfless and stop being self-centered liaoz.

Well well... many people do struggle similar things as I do. But how many will pick up the courage to tell God that they want to walk out of it? hmm perhaps u shall pick up the courage to do so ... it's tough but it's worth a try... :)

~ Life is short. You will only live for something that is worth dying for. I live for God. ~


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