Thursday, July 31, 2003

July is almost gone in a few hours time and August is coming soon... coming August will be my niece's one year old birthday. so cute and sweet she is. guess what she's a national day baby!! hehe not going to sing her a birthday song but maybe sing her "stand up for singapore" instead!! haha will love to celebrate with her and my family members and am still pondering what to buy for this little gal...

anyway our brother-in-christ has finally flew over to Hong Kong. And before he left he icq me and tell me that the flight has been postponed (he's trying to be funny) asking if we should have another farewell dinner for him. haha if it's going to be that case i think it will be the fourth farewell that we had for him liaoz. but realli wish him best in all that he do.

work has been realli hectic for me recently. don't know whether should i change job anot but God is asking me to stay put first. i think I need to obey God more than my wish. i think God is preparing me for the better that is coming. so I'll simply obey and put this into "Mission Possible"!! yeah !! ~

i got to run. time to work again!! rejoice in the Lord and again I say rejoice!!! ~


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