Thursday, July 24, 2003

yesterday i fell sick as i've told u guys. but the amazing thing is that after resting for a while I actually managed to get out of the house, went to a shopping mall and bought myself a new pair of shoes as well as a new top.
hmm that's not good enough. what's better is that God used me to lead the two CGs (GN2 and GN3) brothers and sisters into a fantastic time of Praise and Worship. It's amazing how God anoint and use people like me to serve Him and extend His Kingdom. I'm so humbled by Him as I see how people worshipped God like worshipping Him in heavens with the angelic ones.
I'm looking forward to seeing how God will use me back in the Audio Mixing ministry. Though I'm disappointed that i couldn't get into the Singing Ministry, but I strongly believe that His timing will come soon for me.
Yesterday we talked about "Making a Splash" for God. How every single splash of water droplets that we splashed to others will either destroy others' faith in God or build others up in Christ. I've learnt to make the best positive impact in the worst situations. What will u do if your lecturer scold in front of your classmates? How would you respond if someone described you as ugly, disgusting, fat, short etc? How will u respond to the person if he/ she do bad to you? The answer is Do Good Anyway! Hehe I think it's chicken feed but it is not. It is never easy to do good to others while they make the worse kind of comments about you or do the worst things to you... eg. backstabbing u, gossiping u, maligning u... etc. it is tough but if we are able to bring out Christ character in us while they do these, we would have experienced how Christ feel when he died on the cross for us.

Here I wanna end with this:

~ On this globe, there is no fairness only justice. That's why God is a Judge or a fairy. He do the best for us not what we wished for. :) ~


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