Monday, July 28, 2003

halo everyone... today is Monday. Feeling sleepy and tired... but happy cos i had a wonderful weekend. tell u what i did since friday evening till yesterday.... friday evening i had a very late dinner with my family at ard 11 plus. It was my daddy's b'dae and me & my sister gave him a treat. hmm a good family gathering...

then hor on sat noon i had a great badminton session with my Care Group people... when playing i was the laziest as i refused to run for the ball... haiz in the end still aching all over.... Adrian is really good in his badminton but too bad he's leaving for Hong Kong... can only play with him when he comes back during nov/ dec period. then after badminton session went to watch NDP preview... to my dissappointment Sun Yanzi didn't come that day and Fiona Xie took the hold of mic to sing this year's theme song. Not that bad after all. But would still prefer Yanzi.
Thereafter, met up for dinner with Steven and Marsli and Marsli sent us home in the end.

Sunday morning I woke up at 6.30am (earlier than my working days) to go church and do my sound mixing at stage. My first time doing mixing in Sunday service after a 2 months break ever since I stepped into YA till now. It was a long day and really tired then. But I'm glad and happy cos I'm back in Sound again. Well maybe I'll be even more glad if I'm able to go back to Support Singing ministry again. haha never mind. perhaps it's just God's plan.
So Sunday evening I went dinner with some of the guys and then went to buy my iron from Courts. then eventually home sweet home. long and busy weekend but i had an enjoyable time... kekeke... so how's yours??

basically i love to serve God and fellowship with the members of God's household... I enjoyed His presence... :)

~ The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him. ~


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