Wednesday, July 23, 2003

yoz... pple out there reading my blog. i was sick today!! haha and that's where i get my short one day break. had headache and vomited in the afternoon. then i took a gd short nap. wow. tt's so amazing cos after that nap, i'm well again. God is so good cos' he knows that i need this rest so urgently. i could almost hear my body telling me, "it's time for you to rest liao, or else you will die of exhaustion" haha i tink i'm just too exagerating. well... now i can go off n serve God and lead my Praise and Worship in the Care Group later.

Well... if u haven't know God personally, tell u something, he's GOOD!! try Him out man. Your life will never be the same again!!

~ Praise Him with a song of joy, Seek Him with a heart of peace and Thank Him with a Heart of Gratitude. Love Him with all your heart." ~ Tricia


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