Monday, February 25, 2013

Thank God for Favor

Just wanted to take this post to thank God for the changes that have been taking place constantly for the last 2 months. Since December, I registered for the first financial paper M9 with a financial institution. Not knowing that M9 is one of the toughest papers which are required to be qualified to be a financial consultant, I was almost stunned when I heard all the feedback from others, how many have to repeatedly do their papers for 2 to 3 rounds in order to pass. Although it was really tough, I did what I could to study on my own, do the mock exam papers on my own etc. And yes, I did postpone the date of exam once cos I wasn't sure if I can finish the studying by the date of exam.

And yes, I managed to clear the paper with God's grace on 18 Jan. And thereafter, I did M5 and M9A quickly and all 3 exams were cleared within less than 2months. But what is most interesting is this, I failed M9A once and have to retake the paper in a week's time. M9A is tougher than M9 to me, even though the textbook is the slimmest out of all textbooks.

Anyway today will be internal company's test on products and compliance. Pray that God will be with me as I take the test, open-book test. jiayou jiayou! :))


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