Saturday, May 24, 2003

wah... it is weekend!! hmm glad to be at home now. miss home so much. din see my family (papa, mama, bro, nephew and niece for almost two weeks. miss them so so muchie. hehe to be back at home is just such an undescribable feeling. i've been staying at holland with some of my churchmates for almost half a year. i should say there's no place like home.

I went to Hard Rock Cafe yesterday nite wif my Care Group members. wow... it's my first time and i almost floated in the atmosphere... the music and songs are fantastic. The singers sang really great. Never had this kind of quality life performance right before my eyes before. I just love music and singing so much (though I can't really sing that well ). Josh was so into the performance that she almost forgotten to eat. We had lots of fun and we were really full of food.

I tink it is just such a joyous day everybody enjoyed themselves so much. yuppie... i forgotten all about my work, the bad things that happen to me along the week... Indeed happiness only depends on happenings but true Joy depends only on Jesus. Not because of Hard Rock or the people surrounding me but because I know that there is a God watching over me even when i am asleep. Yupz... i am always so jovial and hyper that people often ask me "Tricia, where does all this energy comes from?" Perhaps they fidn that I am just so restless at times and they think that my jokes never stop.

One of my sheep (Geok Eng) injured herself while playing games. She got stung by a stone fish at the lagoon. the left foot swell. When I saw her she was in tremendous pain. I was so shocked and I ran to her and held her and prayed for her. Then my leader brought her to the hospital via the coasta police and that night she came back with her leg in a better condition. Thank God that she dun have to be hospitalised cos she doesn't want to miss the fun mah... haha

Missed the times. I wanna know God more.

" Find Purpose In Him.
Find Purpose In The One Who Died On The Cross
Seek Purpose To Live
The Purpose That He Had Given To You And Me"


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