Wednesday, May 28, 2003

tired!! really super tired!! today is the third night that I have worked OT thru out the week. I guess that tomorrow will be a break for me cos there is no OT but only GOD!! Indeed i am just so eager about tomorrow's Mega Care Group for the whole unit of EN. How I wish that it will just come now!! To dwell in the P & W and dwell in His presence. Remembering why I sing and why I live.

I have one very dear friend of mine (colleague) that I realli realli hope that she will come to know the Lord soon. She knows about the gospel, went to church before but still do not know about the true love that Jesus has for her. Do help me by keeping this lady in prayers. Her name is Michelle. She takes care of me very well and guides me in my work very well. Though a lot of times I make a lot of mistakes but she still teach me and explain to me patiently. I hope that she will know the good Lord one day.

Also, I'm very excited about the coming Sunday's movie. I will be getting two of my friends to come for the movie "Bruce Almighty" as I tink it will be a good time for them to get to know one another. Hehe... after such a long long time, I feel that my evangelism fervor is coming back again. Do pray these two friends of mine, Yew Lee (poly classmate) and Elaine Tai (ex-colleague). Pray that one day that they will come to know the Lord.

is patient, is kind. It does not envy, it does not fear. it is not proud. I hope that I will take this verse and practise it in my life. But my fear is that I always fall back to the trap of insecurity. Perhaps I have not really place my 100% security in God alone. Anyway I believe that I will overcome cos the "Courageous Community" church camp is coming!! It is just 7 days later!! At Orchard Hotel!! I long to learn His Word and know that courage does not come by Words or Loudness of "Amen" but the actions.

To end this, get the following quote right man!!

~ I saw him holding my hands and lead me back to His side. ~


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