Tuesday, May 20, 2003

today pretty calm and peaceful. upon reflection, i suddenly realised that i have been in church for almost 7 years already. so many things that God has blessed me in that I cannot deny. and so many experiences that I went through that moulded me in my maturity and understanding about the Lord.

I think many a times, like what one of my friend have commented, it's time to grow up and know that we have to move on from one stage to another. very true indeed. I have left Youth Service and went on the YA group for almost one week. Youth Service, where I stayed to serve God for 6 years plus or so.

Feel a bit lost but yet excited about what is coming up ahead. Ps Jeff's sermon, the leaders, my ex-sheep, and all the memories of what I have did in Youth. A lot of success and also a lot of failures. God taught me it is important to recognise God's presence in our lives. Or else whatever we do are just nothing significant at all.

The most fundamental is my relationship with God. Something that i shouldn't neglect.

Anyway this is my first log and it is so solemn. haha... but i like my new care group too. one big group of guys and two young gals. i guess they won't me as much as i would bully them. anyway nice knowing them.

~ life is full of interesting facts when u know that your maker is always beside you!! ~


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