Saturday, May 31, 2003

oh yeah!! it's a saturday morning and i am back to work in the office. dunnoe why must we be back for? haiz... ... anyway yesterday night i went for a farewell of a colleague. he's going back to malaysia for good. had dinner with him and had a nice time chatting with the rest of my colleagues. i tink i began to know more about them liaoz. not just on the surface.

today we'll have another pasting of stickers at our warehouse again. cos we are having some promos for our VCDs and DVDs in the retail stores. i hate stickers. dunnore why must paste so many stickers.... i dun think it's a very effective marketing tool.

so i gtg.... pasting stickers liaoz...

later got karaoke session... go i'm going to "sing my lungs out" haha....
I love singing... especially to the Lord!!


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