Monday, May 26, 2003

Ever thought of the reason for you to live on earth before? Live to eat or eat to live?? haha... I suddenly feel like I have become a poet... anyway, it has been a few days since I last wrote down my thoughts. I had a great Sunday and today (Monday) was so so only. Because I have to work OT (overtime). On Sunday, I had lunch with my care group (Alex, Desmond, Adrian, Luke, Josherine and Winnie!!) I was so glad that she came for service. Gave her an encouragement card and a verse accompanied by it. It says Pro 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord your God and lean not on your own understanding and ....." Guess what?? During the sermon Pastor Lawrence mentioned about this verse again. wow!! I believe that God is just double confirming what he wants to speak to Winnie. Alrite man!!

I have not felt the presence of God in my life in such a strong manner for a very long long time liaoz. I'm glad that He is always so gracious, bringing me back to him again and again. though I failed Him so many times. I ran away from church, refusing people's advice and encouragements... and dun even bother to go to God for help. I was proud. But God saw what was happening to me and He humbled me. Being through many ups and downs when I backslided last year. Many asked me what makes me come back to God? It is such a courageous decision and to put it into action was even tougher. But I only have had an answer. That is His love for me made me turn around and walked back to him.

So many times, I thought that I was so free from worries when I am in the world of my own. But indeed I have lost many joy and peace that I used to have. Money can't buy me friendship and true love of God. But only God is faithful enough to give me both and even much more. If you are one that always sleep with loneliness and thinks that no one loves you or even care enough to show you love, pray to God. He loves you and know you even before you know Him. Indeed, He is always watching you and He never slumbers. His eyes watch over you and me of course!!

If I have this very dear chance to speak or talk to you one day, I will still say this: "Jesus loves you!!"

~ People doesn't care how much you know, but they are keen to know how much you really CARE!!! ~


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