Thursday, May 22, 2003

  • Fast indeed!! A day is almost gone!! My job has not been as smooth as it should be. But I always tell myself this "Everything's gonna be alright!!" That keeps me going though. If you are always looking down and thinks that the whole world owes u something, that might be becos u r not as positive as u should be!! haha....

    From a very young age of 13, I have started my working life. I worked as a sales assistant before, a tele-surveyor, a tuition teacher when I was still studying. Life is not good for me though. I often blamed my parents for not giving me a comfy life as much as other parents will.

    I lived in a small two room flat for almost 12 to 13 years... then I finally shifted to a slightly bigger flat (3-room but still give thanks to God for it!!) when I was 17 years old. My parents, my bro, my sista and myself often cramped into a room. In the recent years, I have learnt that my parents are not to be blamed.

    All these happenings and situations are part of God's plan for me. All these has moulded my character and indeed caused me to be more mature (looking older than my normal age -- in hokkien is call cao lao.... LOL). But if u know me in person, I am a joyful gal who always talk, laugh and joke without any considerations. That's why I'm quite lame most of the time where some of my frens couldn't stand me at times.

    So take life easy, don't have such high expectations on yourself or else u be quite miserable. But it is good to have some goals and aims to work towards. Most importantly it is good to know the Lord. Jesus loves me and He loves You too.

    I saw Him run to me, He took me in His arms, Held my head to His Chest and say "My son's come home again. Lifted my face, wiped the tears from my eyes. With forgiveness in His voice, He said "Son, do you know I still love you? He caught me by surprise, when God ran."

  • Great day ahead!! Yesterday I had a great time with my care group. My second one though. But it was such a fantastic time of prayers and worship. It is so cool to pray to the Lord knowing that he will answer our prayers!!

    During the care group, Josherine (my dearest sista) shared her testimony on how she struggle through on the issue of being used by God after so many failures. I'm amazed by her courage and strength to move on with the Lord.

    Then also another brother Desmond talked about how he depended on God on his surgery on his left eye (which had a minor tear). All these reminds me of the wonderful miracles that God has created when our lives are not smooth sailing though.

    I think I am just so pleased and glad to be in His presence. And that I hope that more people will join in His vision and serve him only, not just focus on their careers alone.

    The Lord is good and faithful. Pray that our dearest Care Leader will find a job soon and be provided financially according to God's plans.

    ~The Lord is good, and His love endures forever!!~


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