Sunday, September 10, 2006

Precious Weekend ~ Gone!

Yup, when comes to working, time seems to be passing by very slowly, but when weekend comes, it seems to pass in the blinking of an eye!

So, what is the interesting thing that i did for this weekend?? Had dinner with CG on Friday.. supposed to celebrate bdae for min min... but hor, sad to say that she wasn't feeling well, and she have to go back home to rest. haiz.. so our dinner have to continue on without the bdae gal's presence. But the good thing is that we still managed to have a great deal of dinner at Ms Clarity Cafe!! The Chicken Cordon Bleu and the Mud Ooze are are just so superb!! hahaha... so shall we have our dinner there again for Jieyi's bdae celebration?? NG2A3, if u agree, pls say 'Amen'!! haha... oops... is that blaspheme?? hmm hopefully not... 'Amen' = 'Let it be' right? hahaa...

after dinner, we walked back to bugis... the rest wanted to go to Jieyi's place to rest. But for me, I was kinda exhausted after a week's of 'pings' and 'pongs'... so decided to go back home for an early night's rest. :)

Woke up at 8.45am the next morning... was trying very hard to get ready all the stuff for the badminton game at Cheng San CC. And finally, I got ready and rushed off to AMK. When I reached there, I managed to meet my colleague and his friends for the game. Got Junming to join me cos the WWW outing was cancelled... Anyway, the badminton was good cos I managed to know 5-6 new others. It was a good balance of 4 guys and 4 girls and we tried playing with the different partners... and it all turned out well, except for those who partnered with me, I caused them to lose the games again.. hahaha... wat's new right??

But hor, I think I really have improved a lot... after so many months of playing.. though recent months not as frequent, but I think I have gained a lot of insights... hahaha... so should I join my company's tournament leh?? haha... let's see lor..

Today, had a great sermon from Ps Jeff. Parables of the mustard seed and the yeast. Brought me great discovery into these 2 parables once again. Jesus is indeed the wisest man on earth, and his parables are indeed direct to children but yet being able to draw out powerful principles for the learned ones. Marvellous! After the service, the unit met up for a time of teaching of VnP. And on 24 Sept, we'll be completing the entire 23 points of VnP series. yeah... the VnP is a great reminder for many of us. In fact, I think the VnP just simply keeps me moving on, moving on... yeah!! After the unit session, I met up with Rachael and Lijun to talk abt the choir costume. Heard from Lijun that Rachael wasn't feeling too well for the past 2 weeks, thus, I went over to her table and sent her my regards and concern. Indeed, nothing beats care and prayers for the people who are not well isn't it??

Met up with my STM trip team. A total of 8 os us!! It is just so exciting... haha... in fact, even though I dunnoe them at all, at the very end, I am glad to be able to know new frens from the other sub-district, which is within the same district too!! I'm starting to pray for my objectives for this Short-Term Missions Trip at Thailand le. From now, till 6 Nov, there will be 9 weeks. 9 weeks of preparation, 9 weeks of research and 9 weeks to learn the language. I wish that I will not take that long to learn the language. I hope to bless the people much more than before!! Pray with me for this ok?? Missions is one deep desire that I have since conversion till now! And I am seeing it happening in my life more and more le!!

After STM meeting, I sat down with Lijun for a while at Coffee Bean to watch her mark her papers and even chat quite a fair bit. I simply love this sister. She is so full of enthusiasm and positive spirit, a spirit that will attract many to the Lord. Talking to her made me feel more encouraged even more. Glad to have her as a sister and friend in my life. Thank God for her!! Hope that this friendship with her will continue to develop and grow even more!

Met up with Jx and twins for dinner just now. Didn't meet up for dinner like these for ages le... had a great time joking, laughing and catching up with one another. Cannot comprehend the kind of joke level we have when we meet up... it just seems to be old frens catching up... hmm but old is not for me... haha... agree??

So gone is the weekend like this. There are even more things to catch up with God too.. God is keen to hear my blabbering soon... hahaha... n now, I will go blabber, blabber, blabber liaoz... so my dearest Daddy, please bear with me... wahahaha.... :p

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Blogger Chun Ming said...

either run for the shuttlecock or don't move at all! hahahahaha... else coz traffic accident sia..

Jia You for your tournament.

Mon Sep 11, 10:10:00 AM GMT+8 
Blogger Tricia said...

haha thanks... if i've got the time, i will surely join!! keke... :p btw, i've ran more than last time during last sat's game wor...

Mon Sep 11, 11:16:00 AM GMT+8 

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