Friday, September 08, 2006

What A Small World!!

This week has been really a mad week for me. Running in and out of office and dealing with a launch for healthier products yesterdayt etc... And the funniest part is that when I saw my Group CEO, I greeted him and he shooked my hand again. haha... and he didn't shake my colleague's hand, and she was just standing beside me only. Then she said this, "You are quite privileged leh.. he only shake your hand wor.." I was like so duh lor... haha...

Attended ExxonMobil's company dinner and dance. And some of my company's staff were invited for the DnD. I would say that the most fruitful thing to achieve last night to see my boss 'performing' on stage.. haha.. tt was kinda hilarious.. but it was fun and enjoyable. At the end of the night when we are going to leave the hotel, I actually saw my Primary School friend, Huiyi coming out of the same ballroom as I did. I didn't see her since after PSLE and after so many years, I still recognised her. Amazing...

Thought that she is working in ExxonMobil, but at the end, she actually works at Cheers and it is at HQ, same office as I do!! And this morning she smsed me and we managed to meet each other in the office. There are just so many many things to catch up. Hope to meet her for lunch soon... catch up time!!

It is not just coincidental but I think it is God's way of bringing us to meet each other again.

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Blogger Chun Ming said...

the privileged one!!! haha

coz u greeted him mah..

Mon Sep 11, 10:11:00 AM GMT+8 
Blogger Tricia said...

greeted 'her' bah... hahaha...

Mon Sep 11, 11:27:00 AM GMT+8 

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