Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ministry should be F-U-N!!!!

Yes!! I fully agree with the leaders that ministry should be FUN!! I've fully reckoned that being a Christian is always busy, but guess what??? We are always busy having a lot of FUN!! FUN in serving God.

FUN in being blessed!
FUN in dwelling in God's presence.
FUN in having friends who care.
FUN to be changed in character.
FUN to be just me!!

Was really busy for the whole of this week. I can't really recall if I've really talked to anyone on msn in the daytime. However, I felt kind of satisfied to be busy. Time passes really fast and I think it was really good to be occupied.

I was blessed by Sherry as she helped me with the choir attire when I was really stressed out! I thank God for her that she really helped me in this without any complaint and excuses at all. Without her help, I think I will be left frowning all the way till anniversary?? haha...

Badminton at Jalan Besar CC and Karaoke at TPY CC - 2 Sept 06

Though I was sick on weds, when the weekend came, I was like a dragon man... so energetic!! Though tired physically, I was all out to play badminton and sing karaoke with some friends that I didn't go out with for quite some time. I was so happy that I think they thought that I was drunk in joy! haha... i didn't sing that well ydae, nor was i playing well in my game. However, I still enjoyed myself... especially with Lyme and Mandy entertaining us... tt's even better!!

Oh ya, I was reminded that Lyme was converted 1-2 months back and she is growing at a rapid speed... she is just so hungry!! And I am just so blessed by her life. She is so different from who she was when I met her last year! Lyme, thanks for being such an encouragement to me!!

Durian Session at Upper Serangoon - 3 Sept 06

Went for durians with RL, BQ, IZ, IL and RT in the evening today. haha... the durians are suPer dUPer COOL! I love the durians and they are just so delicious!! haha... we were all contemplating about buying the durians home and which mode of transport to take... cannot take bus and train... sure kena from the bus uncle or passengers one... so we thought of taking cab home.. but expensive siah... at the end, we have decided this, "want to eat right?? go n buy lor..." wahahaha... we ate 7 durians all in all.. they were all super NICE!! Good durians and had subsidy from IZ, so not tt bad la... haha.. so the idea is, next time wanna eat durian, jio IZ along!! haha... he gonna kill me for these. :p hahahaha... and hor, I kena stringent warning by him n ron not to publish their 'tak-image' photos... so i shan't publish them but i guess that RL is gonna do it!! keke... cos she din promise them not to publish... haha... i wash my hands off these le... wahaha... enjoy the dura-cious durian pics bah!!! hohohoh....
This durian is the most sought after and most ex one also... 1kg is $13 and taste better than the ones at geylang. it is a must try!! but i forgot what type is it... must ask the durian expert le lor...

Btw, this pic of ron... isn't he funny?? wahaha... he is the newly appointed, "Cutie Durian Monster"!!! hohoho.... it's a well-composed pic... well done ronnie!! it's a big sacrifice anyhow... keke...

anyway if next time wanna eat durian... pls jio me along... wahaha!!

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Blogger Chun Ming said...

u no sing well meh? I thought you always sound good! :P

and the durians look good! I was concussed at the time u guys were eating haha...

Mon Sep 04, 09:03:00 AM GMT+8 
Blogger Tricia said...

thanks for the compliment... i think i have to improve in my singing still la... haha... maybe PnW songs i can sing better... wahaha...

anyway the durians not just look good but is super good!! wahaha... i'm glad that I've ate them before the season ends...hahaha...

Mon Sep 04, 10:57:00 AM GMT+8 

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