Monday, September 04, 2006

Smart Way to Write Composition

I was having lunch at canteen with my colleagues. As usual, we were laughing away heartily at the jokes that horseface was telling us... and one of the jokes is really funny. It was this incident when his taiwanese friend was having an english exam and the composition topic went like this, "One day, 2 ants walked in from 2 opposite ends of the bridge. They met in the centre..."And he had to complete the story. Thus, being a very smart guy but still, lousy in his english, he started to write the following...:

Ant 1 said, "Hi how are you?". Ant 2 replied, "Oh, I'm fine."

"Do you know how to speak 国语?" Ant 1 asked... Ant 2 replied, "Yes. Of course.."

Then Ant 1 said this, "真是太好了! 那我们就用国语聊吧..."

I had a good time laughing over this.. and up till now, I still can't stop laughing when I thought of this. What a brilliant idea of escaping from writing in english... haha...



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