Saturday, September 09, 2006

Soon to be '25'

It is weird for when the days draw nearer to the anniversary of the day that I was born. It is also call 'birthday' lah. haha.. Why is it weird then? Is it because I am growing older or is it because I still feel very unaccomplished in life? I don't know the answer. Perhaps it's both? Or perhaps it is something else?

To me, I have no qualms telling people my age. I believe that it will be the same when I turn 30 or even 40. I am secure with my age, that is a definite. However, sometimes I really think that I don't think like a '25' year old. More mature or more childish? haha... it all depends on situations. I have gained many insights from experiences in life since young. Whether with parents, siblings, working or friends, I always have my own set of thoughts and ideas. Perhaps that is my own form of 'maturity'. As for my 'childishness', it might be due to the fact that I am always seeking for attention or even my hunger for love and care? Sometimes, I have battle within me, always trying to remind myself to be disciplined to be serious. But after many attempts, I failed miserably. Cause it is just not me to be serious at all times. But I know when to be serious and when to have fun. haha... that is why most of the time I have fun in the midst of seriousness? (ok.. I know it is contradicting... hahaha...)

So, as i grow to be a '25', what should I be putting into plan then? haha... hmm time to pray liaoz la... :p



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