Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Lovely SamSoon

I simply love this show... it is still showing on channel 8 now but guess what?? i've finished watching the total of 16 episodes le! yeah!! My dear sis-in-law lent them to me.. but hor, don't think of borrowing them from me cos she haven't watched them too... hee... but catch the last 4 episodes next week if you can. u will surely have a good laugh for de-stress purpose. :p

ok... the girl in this picture above is the pretty girl named Liu XiZhen. She is quite a poor thing cos kena stomach tumor or something... went to US for 3 years treatment, but when returned to Korea, her boyfriend, Zheng Xuan, has fallen for Jin San Shun instead...

ok.. above are Zheng Xuan (Left) and San Shun (right). Zheng Xuan is pretty much of a spoilt brat, born with a silver spoon... (wondering if all rich men's kids are so spoilt... haha...) San Shun is one that hates her name so much tt she longs to change it to Jin XiZhen. The superb baker is able to bake beautiful and delicious cakes and pastries... Upon meeting ZhengXuan, the 2 loggerheads eventually fell in love with each other. haha... the interesting thing is that SanShun is 3 years older than Zheng Xuan. hmm... this is call "Jie-Di Lian"... hahaha... quite a trend isn't it??

Ok.. the very suave guy is here... the American-Korean mixed blood guy... who is just so cool and when he walked past the girls (in the show of cos)... the girls nearly fainted at his feet. hahaha... a bit exaggerating but it is quite true leh!! In the show, he is the doctor who truly shows tender loving care to the weak Liu XiZhen.

I think the only treat that I can give myself after the anniversary is to watch this show all over again!! hahaha... but now the question is this, "Do I have the time??"... hahaha...



Blogger wendytan said...

Hi! Good to know that u enjoyed the show. U can consider watching "Goong" & "My Girl". The 2 latest korean dramas. It's gd ... how do i know? Hee hee .. coz. i've finished watching it already. Enjoy!

Sat Sep 09, 12:23:00 AM GMT+8 
Blogger Chun Ming said...

yah man. 1st girl is pretty and the last guy looks so laid back and cool. no wonder u wanna watch again haha..

wendy: don't just introduce, lend us!!!! haha

Mon Sep 11, 10:13:00 AM GMT+8 

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