Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Shepherd - Christine

Going to blog on this today - My Shepherd.

Got to know 2-3 weeks back that I am going to have a change of shepherd... When I got to know it, I was kind of shocked... I've been whining and trying to explain why I don't need the change of a shepherd. However, I think God has His intentions for all these to happen.

I will have to learn to accept changes readily. Realised that my readiness to accept changes decreased along the year as I grow older and oLdEr... haha... perhaps I just need to adapt a mindset of willingness to accept new challenges.

Taking this time to thank Christine for her patience and care for the past one year... know that she has been trying her best to help me overcome some areas in my life, her love for me is deeply felt and appreciated. And I really pray that she will be even more healthier and that God will bless her with a healthy baby in time to come. :) thanks for everything that you have done for me... the unseen prayers and caring smses. Thanks for all that you have done. I will surely miss you... :)

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