Monday, September 04, 2006

Love with Hugs!

harlow pple... as you can see, i'm actually collecting 'hugs' from pple who visits moi blog... so if you happen to drop by, do give me a 'hug'... with love of Christ of cos... dun think otherwise la... hahaha... so just click on the link that is on the side bar (right) and one hug will be counted in... hee... thanks so much!! it's a form of encouragement for me... though i will surely love to have comments from u guys too!! haha...

dunnoe why these 2 days, i kept wanting to blog... there are just so many things that I didn't write down, to remember... so i will keep coming in to write abt my daily stuff in short... hopefully i wun forget any impt note... :p

Did a collage of photos for my nephew and niece... now they can really talk and when i say can talk, means they can really talk back to you one lor... hahaha... but i guess, this just runs in the family. haha, if i'm not doing PR, perhaps I should go and do sales alternatively. keke...



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