Thursday, September 21, 2006

10 years of journey worth reflecting

Yup. I've been in Hope for 10 years. Considering me still at a 'young' age of 25, I've been here for 10 years, together with fen n ling. It has been a journey which require lots of perseverance and encouragement. Throughout these 10 years, I've learnt not just how to always be dependant upon God (which I am learning still), I've also acquired many people skills. These things might not seem to be prominent to some of you but to me, it meant a lot.

I've made plenty of mistakes in the past. Spoke harshly before, being sarcastic (which I meant really sarcastic), intolerable, reprimanding spirit, unforgivable heart etc.. Well, all these mistakes has taught me a good way to live. Not that mistakes are good for soul but they have enlightened me to avoid making the same mistakes again, even though sometimes I still make them now.

1996, I came to know God on Sept 27. It was really coincidental. I was rejecting ling's invitation to the Soncake Festival. However, I was trying hard to avoid my friends, thus, I've decided to go with them to the 'whatever' party... On the way to the CG place, we met Priscilla at City Hall MRT station. Anyway, I said the 'sinners prayer' and accepted Jesus into my life. The feeling was really different. There is joy, excitement and anticipation. I realised that I wanted to pray to God more than before. On Nov 23 1996, I made a decision to be water baptised. My mum agreed to it, with God's intervention of cos, as she has ever warned me not to get water baptised before I turned 21.

1997, I struggled through my 'O's and by God's grace. At the end of the year, I became a CL with much fear and trembling. I was being given 3 secondary schools to pioneer and they are namely TK, TKGS and Temasek Sec. CG was held at Joo Chiat regularly and there were a few of them that I will always remember when I first led the CG: - Shuhui, Gunawan, Peiying, Liying... I can't remember the rest of the names... need to go and dig out info from my organiser... oops.. i think the organiser turned kinda mouldy. wahaha...

1998, started my first receptionist job at church office. Church office just shifted to Joo Chiat in Jan too. I was the first receptionist there... haha.. (not full-time though) and followed bu shirl. We were all young, mischievious and not very responsible at that point in time. But I think the job at church office taught me a great deal of administration. haha... and guess what? I dislike admin to the core of my heart. That is why my desk is so messy today... need to be more organised isn't it??

1999 - 2002, marked my life in poly. Life was tough. My dad was admitted to hospital cos of an accident, breaking his hip bones... and there he had more than 5-6 operations. My sister was admitted into the Toa Payoh Girls' Home and that really bothered me a lot. At the very end, I was still loving God as much as I should. Sis wrote a letter to me, thanking me for loving her with Christ. I shared my testimony and I was glad that Jesus's love for us brought many to know him through my story.

I started working in 2002. I backslided. It was a lousy feeling. Having to know that it is not the best decision to make, yet I still did it. I ran away from HOME. But God's voice pulled me back. I made a lot of mistakes during this half a year. Finally, I went back to church on 9 August 02, the date that my niece was born. It was a church seminar for Mobilised Church in Nexus. I remember Pris handing a copy of notes to me that day. And there, I started my ministry in YWAM. Started learning to do sound-mixing, with Susi & Roy teaching me. Soon, I was able to mix sound in both FOH and back-stage confidently. Thank God for using me again.

2003, Ended my journey in Youth ministry in May 2003. I was struggling to balance my work and minsitry in YWAM. Thus, I requested for a transfer to Adults group. It was a good welcome from my CL and CG. With only me and Josh, the only girls in the CG, the rest of the brothers really took very good care of us. Went to KL to work in end Aug and that was such a test for me. Unit celebrated bdae for me at Genting during an unit retreat. It was cool indeed. But the test came only after my bdae when I got to know that my father is no longer faithful to the family.

2004, Changed moi job to the current one that I was in. Many things happened which I didn't want to write here. Just thankful that God graced me through. New CG birthed out and I was birthed out too! To be under Desmond Law, my current CL and shepherd.

2005-2006, for last year and now, challenging times of faith, emotions and stability. Now that I have grown up in Hope, 10 years. From 15 to 25, it is really a life of perseverance and faith. From penniless to well-provided by God, God is faithful to provide me till the end. So why worry about tomorrow when today has enough worries of its own. Words to myself, "Take heart and believe! God is the best and no one can comprehend!"

Tricia has more years to live and major promises that need to be claimed. So keep on chasing the one and only, Jesus, who is to be worshipped, forever and ever and ever! Amen!!



Blogger andrewong2024 said...

What promise huh??? Get married izit??? Ho ho ho... =p

Fri Sep 22, 12:05:00 PM GMT+8 
Blogger Tricia said...

hmm.. tt one for me to know... bleah... n no way u can find out!! wahaha...

Fri Sep 22, 12:21:00 PM GMT+8 
Blogger jesuafreak said...

u din blog abt me.... hurhurhur

Mon Sep 25, 04:10:00 PM GMT+8 
Blogger Tricia said...

haha... eh.. i forgotten?? paiseh... difficult to blog abt everyone.. only shepherds have privilege... wahahaha....

Mon Sep 25, 04:52:00 PM GMT+8 

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