Monday, September 18, 2006

Hope's 15th Birthday!

I am yet to recover from the post-anni syndrome. Everything seems to happened too fast.. haha.. Everything that we have prepared for the past 2-3 months was solely for the anniversary. 15 good years has gone and 15 better ones are coming our way. This birthday has pulled in more than 300 people and their resources of time and effort. And I am greatly amazed at how the decor team did up our History Maker signage with lightbulbs.. Kudos to Liyan and her team!!

As for choir, I was truly thankful that the team this time round enjoyed oursleves much more than before. Consisting of all the youths, tertiary, adults, filippino and mandarin church choir volunteers, we have proven ourselves to be more than just a team of choir - we are a family! I am touched at their commitment and also their perseverance. For the students, they are praiseworthy because they committed their time despite of projects and exams. For our filippino group brother and sisters, they committed despite of the busy schedules in work, having to work night and day during the week. For the mandarin service volunteers, they sang and memorised the lyrics by hard, even though they do not know English that well. For the Adults, they gave in their best of priority, time, energy and effort even though they have to work in the day, sing in the night and run CGs in the week.

Most imptly, I was truly glad that everyone worked well together, in a spirit that no one can undermine. It was a good time to treasure.. the practising, the warming up and the dance steps. I've learnt many things as well... One of which is this - When all else fails, God never. Yes, God never fails. Even till my breaking point, God held my tears back. It was just because of one reason that I survived - Grace. In view of grace, I will continue to believe. In view of grace, I will always love and forgive. In view of grace, I will be released. In view of Grace.

I can't stop giving thanks to God enough. Even when I failed miserably, God's grace pulled me through. I've had enough tears rolling down my cheeks.. I just need to get out of the stage of self-pity and run to God for His unfailing kindness.

Frankly speaking, I don't know how should I end my blog now. So I shall just leave it with a thanksgiving note.

"Thank you Lord for pulling me through."



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