Friday, September 22, 2006

Hope's 15th Birthday! (Part 2)

The 100 pple choir, the confetti, balloons, attires, backdrop, sound system, lightings, worship team, make-up and congregation etc etc... I'm still in the post-anni syndrome. frankly speaking, it is no easy deal to run such a mega event. I've learnt a lot of things from this anni.. but most imptly, I've gained many new frens as well... esp the younger ones.

I love gwen khoo from youth ministry. being a 18 year old serving in youth is really a commendable thingy. though she dun look her age, i certainly think that she behave like a 16 year old girl?? haha... i'm still trying to figure out if i took a photo with her... but i think I didn't. throughout the whole anni, i was just running here and there, coordinating stuff... bz bz... where got time to take pics?? hahaha...

Anyway the pic above here shows us in a rehearsal... but does it look like a rehearsal to you? no wor... certainly, we were just worshipping, regardless of the real or rehearsed... just do it!!

So here comes Mama Jac... I forced her to take a pic... hee... shirl commented that she looked so pretty tt day... and I have something to add... mama jac looks pretty everyday! hahaha...

Jency and Veronica Ace. They are so loving wor...

haha... what are the 3 guys doing? others busy taking pics... these 3 sleepy pigs were busy catching up with their 'hunk-sleep'?? haha... are they hunks in the first place?? wahaha... some are... while some are not? u shall make the vote clear!!!

yes... the time-tunnel... I only had the chance to go through the time tunnel after the entire event. jieyi pestered me to take a pic with her... or else she wun let me go off lor... so guess wat?? we took a very nice one siah! :p

last but not least...i took some pics with moi ex-sheep... they are moi Tanjong Katong Sec batch from 1998 to 2000 if I don't remember wrongly. The girl on the left is Sally while the one on the right is Adelene. Adelene's mum was in the 100 pple choir with us too. Hope that they experience God's love once again. Pray for them bah!

The guy on my left is one of my male sheep... Jianfu. haha they were all surprised that I could remember their bdaes with no mistakes! power right?? kekeke...

Another male sheep, Dewen...oops... no la.. he's moi disciple. I had loads of conflicts with him last time one.. but guess what, at the very end of the day, we became kind of good friends! He is always remembered! So are the rest of moi baa baa... :)

And this is moi lovely unit. Though not all turned up, but still.. it is a good mix too.. Hope that this unit and the 3 CGs will continue to grow by God's grace! yeah!!



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