Saturday, September 23, 2006

Just on Thursday, I think I was stressed out by the many things happening at home, workplace and also in ministry as well. JX, Shirl and Ling msned me when I was at my workplace. Told them that I was on the verge of breaking down liaoz. Can't handle all the one-shot stress... or better said as All-In-1 stress...

Sometimes, I don't wish to write it all here that I am tired or stressed or whatever.. I mean after writing them down, how many will really understand and take what I wrote with good stride? Maybe some will, but who will be the 'some', I wonder sometimes. After all, stress is just basically part and parcel of life. Learn to cope with it or else you will just fail miserably again and again.

So back to the msn conversation... shirl, jx n ling were very sweet... they actually volunteered to join me in my karaoke session... But at the end, we didn't sing, cos all were tired and it was rather late when everyone arrived. Let's say about 9.30pm? Me and shirley went to chinatown, food street or better known as Smith street. I insist to order the food. And thus, I ordered lalas, stingray, vegs and a bowl of dumplings. Shirl was shocked at the amt of food I ordered but guess what, we managed to finish everything at the end! haha.. talk about dieting... i think it will never happen to me. kekeke...

So ling came along after we have finished our food. She was very very sweeeeet.... she bought 2 slices of coffee bean blueberry cheesecakes for me.. I was so touched.. really touched... though i didn't finished everything.. i still managed to finish one slice of cake. hee... thanks girl.. i'm so blessed to have u as moi pal.. pal, sister n confidant for 12 years. haha... above pic is the pic of the cheesecakes.. and funniest things is that the cheesecakes actualli melted... we didn't know that cheesecakes do melt... hohoh... new discovery!

Anyway ling took some very nice pics of Smith Street and the surrounding buildings. Decided to post some here after some editing?? haha... nice lights and ambience. We finished dinner and crapping at about 11pm. But the most enjoyable thing is to see jx n shirl entertain us.. they seems so comical lor... one so BIG and one so tiny... keke...

Oh, JX called me just before he was about to come to Chinatown. Then he passed his phone to a guy, voice pretty 'ah beng'... hahaha... then he said this,

mysterious guy: "Happy Birthday to you!"

I was like.... question marks all over my head... moi bdae is next week lor...

Moi: "Heh... who is that??"

mysterious guy: "Happy birthday la... "

Moi: "Huh... who is this?? quick confess!!"

mysterious guy: "I'm your brother la!"

Moi: "Huh? You are my brother?? I thought you sound more like moi sister??" (tt wil sound gay isn't it? hahaha...)

mysterious guy: "Ok lah... Ah Long la.."

Moi: "Huh?!?!?!... oops..."

and the conversation went on and on... haha.. but u should have seen moi face... shirl was laughing away at moi reaction... i really thought which ah beng trying to disturb me.. u know la.. with jx around, his frens should be quite... ... leave this sentence for you guys to complete.

But it was really hilarious... So JX, thanks for bringing the anointed one to wish me Happy Bdae... haha... though still got a few more days.. I am kinda happy.. cos a lot of advance wishes... and one unexpected one also.. someone thought that moi bdae is on 22 Sep.. n i had 4 smses at midnight from this person... hahaha... but well, there is another chance for this person to sms me on Monday night?? hahaha...



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