Thursday, November 13, 2003

Thought(s) for the day.

So hooked on friendster now. I've managed to access and contact many of my long lost friends since sec school till now. I've managed to meet up with my sec school classmate, Sharon yesterday evening. It has been 6 years since I last saw her. She is so different now. A financial consultant with confidence, maturity and professionalism. But nevertheless, when we started talking, we became the same old friends that we used to be. She talks and I listen. (which is seldom the case for me and other friends. Most of the time, I talk and they listen... hehe) Well, it's good to hear from so many many good old friends.

Well, my idea of going friendster is not just contacting back the same old buddies but to bring them to Christ. Everytime, when one knows the Lord, I know that heaven becomes more populated and hell will be less occupied, life becomes full of purpose and less crap, friends u have becomes not just temporal ones but eternal buddies, and u realised that u have a spiritual family that cares and loves u as much as your immediate family members.

The more u know about Jesus, the more u find fulfilment. I'm glad I found him.


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