Saturday, November 01, 2003

Saturday - Half-day Work

Haven't work on Saturdays (formally) for the past two months liaoz. Here I am, now, in the office, preparing some documents and flow chart for my company. Guess that when I'm back in Singapore, I would have to go on my job hunt again if I really cannot stay put you know... ... ...

Facing quite a fair bit of unfair treatment in the company. Can't name them one by one but I just know it. Now I don't even know if I can make claims for my S$300 phone bills... not even inclusive of the coming month one... My management is well-known of denying facts... cos they don't have the habit of setting rules in black and white... especially when you are overseas.

I guess that now, only prayers work!! Pray that when I go back I will not have any drastic change lor.

But I do really like to work with my colleagues in this company. Hope that things will turn out right!!


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