Saturday, November 22, 2003


Had a real funny dream this morning. It was so real. I actually dreamt of my GM and colleagues!! haha!! funny isn't it?!?! You must be thinking that I'm over-stressed at work or better still, I've just spent too much time with my GM during my stay in Malaysia. But all these are partially correct. The main reason is because of the recent encounter with her.

I remember that it was a wednesday morning. It was around 11am. I was being summoned to go to our company's store to help out in some merchandising stuff. Then the moment I stepped out of the office, I saw my GM at the corridor, busy doing her sms, looked pretty stern. There I was, having a jovial mood, and I greeted her, "Hi *****!!" She looked up, took a glance at me and went on with her sms business, with no intention of greeting me back in courtesy. I was real furious. We walked past and frankly speaking, I was really furious. Don't she know a bit of manners?? Isn't it just a basic courtesy regardless of what position you hold in the company? Even if she's the GM, CEO, Chairman, President, so what? You are still a human. Well, I see no reason why people have to be so stuck up!!

But guess what? When I was having the dream this morning? I actually cried for her. In fear and in compassion. In fear - fierce, unreasonable and unsympathetic at times. Compassion - stress, lost and lonely. God spoke to me at that moment - Pray for her. She needs help spiritually. I prayed with my tears and cries. I pray that she will grow in the Lord and she will change. She will be a testimony to the unbelievers out there. Though no one is perfect, but everyone can always strive to become the better of themselves. This is the second time that I cried for someone in a dream, cried because of compassion. Maybe it's time that I look through my spiritual gifts again.

Love for Mum

Yesterday night, reached home at 10 plus. The moment I stepped into my room, I saw my mum lying on the bed and peeking at me. Haha... she can be quite funny sometimes. :p She has already signed the divorce agreement. But dunnoe about my dad still. But since she's still awake, I began to have a little chat with her. I started to ask her if she wanna go church with me. Then, guess what, she's silent. Not because she's angry but she's thinking, considering and analsying. Then she started her interrogating with lots of questions and doubts that has been in her mind for some time.

I started sharing to her about Jesus and his love for her. I gave her lots of examples and answers, reasons and clarification. She seems pretty convinced. At the end of the conversation, she said, "Maybe bringing Gabriel and Angel (My little nephew and niece) to church will help them live a life of purpose and not be led astray." Keke ... inside of me I'm really rejoicing!! Cause I have won the battle by more than 75%. Now what's coming is to bring her to the mandarin service and also, plan how to connect my family - brother, sister-in-law and my sister to the right church as well. I think it's time. God's timing is here!!

Pray for me that I can be Salt and Light at home and in my office so that I can minister to people, Jesus's flock!!


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