Friday, June 20, 2008

Running to the Lord for help

It has been a tremendous period of time lately as things at home aren't that smooth-sailing at all. As much as I want to stay cool and fix my eyes on the Lord, my heart just doesn't feel that steady after all. I know that God is in control and I believe so. But it would be even better if my family believe in the same faith as I do.

I've been praying to the Lord for many weeks, months and years, for my family to know the Lord. And I know that one day they will be knowing Him. I want them to know His love, grace and mercy, which is ever so abundant and never runs out of stock, ever.

I wish for more peace and endurance in the family. I wish for joy and fulfillment. I wish for meaningful and purposeful lives in this generation, which God has placed me in to make a difference.

I want to run, run to the Lord, for strength and wisdom, ability to communicate, providence and support..for everything. I know that I can't do all these by myself because only God can. If I can do all these, why would I still need God? In fact, I might as well be the "super-woman" in the entire universe. But I am not super. I am just a mere human.

If I have not known the Lord, I do not think that I will be where I am today.

God is my precious treasure and I will by all means protect this relationship that I have with Him today, tomorrow and forevermore. :)

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