Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is Care Group just a temporal place to be in?

Is Care Group just a temporal place to be in?

I was asking myself this. There are too many people going in and out of CG. Some people who left says that CG doesn't care for them anymore. Some people says that I've found my true love and I don't need my CG anymore. Some people thinks this, career is more important than any other activity... who cares about CG?

But hasn't CG been a part of your life ever before, I truly wonder. We have all laughed, shed tears and went through tough times together before. Is CG just so easily shattered in your life? Are the tears fake or are the memories lies? Do you remember how much we used to love you or how much we used to care for you? Do you remember that there is a God in your life, not just a pet phrase about how God loves you? Do you know that we are all hoping that you will one day devote yourself to God once again, simply b'cos He has never left you or forsaken you?

We all want a CG that keeps on adding on, isn't it true? Why misprioritise? Do you understand what your life is about all in all?

God wants the best for you. Believe it. I believed that is why today I still hold firmly to His promises for me. Whether I am rich or poor, strong or weak, I will always trust that God is my refuge in times of need.

CG is not a temporal place to be in, it should be a place where everyone will b in, till eternity.

My CG, I hope to see all of us walk with God in the right path, not chasing after the things men chase after in this world, but chasing after God's heartbeat and desires.

I am running this race, are you running with me too?



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