Thursday, June 19, 2008

ACTSperience Day 4 (Last Day!)

Kudos to our ushering team... who served without any complaints throughout the church camp... They are indeed the friendly and approachable ushers!

Here's a pic of me and XinYing, taken with her Canon camera (if i'm not wrong..).. very nice pic taken indeed... cos I feel so much like 10 years younger!! hahaha.. love this pic... :)
This was taken from my room's view. Cool isn't it? The architecture of the building is magnificent. But the every morning prayer at 5.30am is not that cool la... like an alarm lor.. haha... but still, cool view!

My UL and my member, Thomas. Know this man, Thomas has the gift of admin and he is very faithful in this area too! May the Lord add on to him more gifts :) and he is getting married in July and I am going to be his Emcee. woah... haha...

My CG, doing the form at the end of the camp. :p

Pastor Jeff and me. He saw how I grow up from a 15-year old silly girl to a 27 year old to be silly girl? haha... He is like a spiritual daddy to me and he is always so concern about the lives of the people in church. Really love his pastoral heart! Pastor Jeff, jiayou! By God's grace, I will continue to move on in this journey of loving and serving the Lord together with you!

Oh, this is Pamela and her sister... they looked so photogenic. And once again, haha, I am proud to say that my photog skill is really not bad de wor! kekeke...

Jieyi and Thomas.. poor Jieyi, fell sick and had high fever for the entire night. She was really weak when I took this pic of her. But thank God that her fever was gone by the time we were taking the coach back to S'pore. :)

Ok.. this is the pic of the flowers that my CG gave to me. Too bad, the flowers can't survive for too long. Btw, many were asking me which guy gave me these... haha.. I was like.. I also wish.. but dun have leh... hahaha... :p

Anyway throughout this church camp, I've shed many tears.. cos I just know that God has given me a pastoral heart for people. Missions will definitely be somewhere that I want to move towards. And people is God's heartbeat and I will follow that in a stable manner. Trust that God will be moulding me more this year. More sacrifices to be made but I am seriously willing!

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