Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Personal Mastery

Yesterday's shepherding was interesting. I was facing the dilemma of whether to go back to Yishun or should I just stay put in Bukit Batok. So I've decided, Bukit Batok is better. I needed some quietness. :)

So, after working, I went back to my shepherd's place for dinner and blog abt camp. After blogging, I went on to meet my shepherd for shepherding. It was an interesting session. She shared with me about this thing call "Personal Mastery". New terminology to me.

Personal Mastery is similar to having a good intra-personal intelligence, where one can understand where he or she want to proceed on from a current life stage, understanding where he or she is heading towards and wanting to pull oneself out of the emotions, in order to achieve the goals set in life. It also talks about being able to motivate oneself towards the vision and purpose in life, and not just dependent on the abilities, talents or experiences that one has achieved.

I was quite lost at the start but at the end of the session, I began to question myself on my own "Personal Mastery". Questions like these started to go through my brain:

i) What is my vision in life?
ii) What are the possible hindrances to my vision?
iii) Is there anything I need to change or give up in order to move on in the pursue of this vision?
iv) How has God led in this vision?
v) Objectivity vs Emotional - How have I been doing in both? Is there a balance?

Only when one knows God's vision and calling for him or her, then will he or she be able to know what he or she wants in life. It is never easy to surrender oneself onto God, but I know that I am trying and I am willing.

Towards this journey of Personal Mastery, I would need to first know the Master of my life. :)

Yes, and there are a millions of promises just for me. I will surrender to Him.

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