Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ACTSperience Day 1

ACTSperience Church Camp Day 1

Our day started off at Newton Hawker Centre... and of cos, the stalls weren't open yet but the hawker centre was already flooded with a lot of people. :p

We went off in Coach 9 with the NG7 people. It was quite an experience. The coach that we were in was kinda squeaky.. a lot of seats with squeaky sounds and the bus's engine died once before the bus reached the restaurant.

Anyway, when we reached the restaurant, it was about 1.45pm. We had lunch and enjoyed the aircon for a while. When I was at the ladies, I was still wowing about the good thing about having aircon in the ladies. But just less than 2 minutes, the whole restaurant's electricity was gone. Aircon gone. Lights off. And of cos, no fans. haha... me and my big mouth! Must repent!!
So below are some photos of my group eating in the darkness and in the hottest sauna ever!!

Desmond and Gloria (at the beginning of the blackout)

Jieyi and Lirong

Thomas and Jieyi

oops.. surprised shot...

hmm why is Jieyi strangling Thomas??

ok... finally a good picture taken!

This is the entire care group that was there.
It would be even more fun when the rest are there! Mandy, Rena and James, we all missed u!

As we can't see the food in darkness, I've decided to take photos of the food with my camera.. which of cos.. someone say i "siao"... take photos of food for wat... haha.. watever lor!

This is Desmond. Halfway thru the lunch... he is already melting into water...hahaha..
This is really a hot place to eat in!

This is Beng and Michael. Only they allowed me to take photo of them cos the rest were in a very "jialat" pattern...

Below are the photos that we took with at the dinner with the leaders...

Penny, Qianfang and Inn Siew

A sample of food tt we took tt day... but I wasn't really enjoying cos I was running to and fro for my banner finishing.. wahaha...

Below is exciting!! Our CG dress-up and my dearest Jona and CG really rocks!

Eugene, Jona and Sherry

The one that rocks! Ms Jonaphine!!

haha... this photo is hilarious... after I took this, I ask out loud,
"Jong Yong, what were you doing just now??" hahaha...

Ok.. this is publicity time... This is Christine, my ex-shepherd!
She is going to Chile in Nov this year! I'm just so proud of her and I am
going to miss her very very very much!

me n my silly face! haha.. only when I am with the people that
I am familiar with... ( if right??)

And ta-dah!! Below are some of the CGs with their banners and mascots! Cool right?? I have some videos and I will be loading them up really soon!

And here's Mr Yap How Joo! Behind is Nicholas sitting on top of JX's shoulders..
hehe.. Nicholas is so cute!

My dear sheepy, Gloria..

The blinking couple.. First, Wilfy blinks...

Then Nicole blinks...

And finally, no one blinks... (though Wilfy's eyes looks kinda small? muahaha...)

And here's presenting my CG and its' banner! cool isn't it!!


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