Monday, June 16, 2008

ACTSperience Church Camp Day 2

Day 2 of camp was very interesting because everyone in the camp was looking forward to the afternoon's programme.. ACTSperience KL. All the shopping, fun and photo-taking left everyone excited and geared up! It was pretty cool to have the entire Times Square flooded with Hope pple.. haha.. in fact, everywhere u go or see, you will bump into Hope CGs.

but guess what? the part that intesrest me is when I managed to take a photo of Ian (ah long's younger son) sitting on his shoulders pulling ah long's ears to gain gravity stability!! So far, I have not managed to carry Ian. Haha... I think I need to work harder to allow him to realise moi existence. haha... anyway I printed this out for Ah Long and wished him Happy Father's Day!! cool right??

This is Xueyun... we used to be in the same group under Nicole. We pioneered Chinese High and Nanyang Girls together. And today, we are in the same CG again. Xueyun, it is good to see you around after so many years. Really look forward to serve God together with you. :)

Here is my unit. NG7D. Don't know what to say.. our unit is kinda low profile and I think it is good to feature the gals in the unit.. cos majority of them are still single except for 2 who are already attached. Hope bros, what are you waiting for? The gals are good catch!! :)

Anyway, after our afternoon teaching, we proceeded to KL and managed to reach there at about 5.30pm. Despite the jam and after-work hours, we have a tour guide that brought us around KL with ease and he is none other than Junming, my fellow CL in the unit!! Bravo, Junming!! Thanks for bringing us around the town. :p

Btw, I quite like this picture! Well-taken isn't it? I quite like my photography skill... :p

(from left: Gloria, Mikka, Lirong, Me, Thomas and Jieyi)

This is my CG, NG7D2. Powerful man and women of God... I am glad to lead these sheep because they are ever so ready to receive God's word, and wanting to love God more. I am privileged to be their CL.

2 more entries to go.. I will try to complete them soon =)

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