Thursday, June 19, 2008

Catch-Up time with the Ex-Youth Pioneers

I had a very good time catching up with our Church Planter - Ms EeLee Tan, our Youth Pastor - Shirley Melinda, our Tertiary Pastor - Jasmine Poon, our newly appointed Mrs Leung aka Nicole. Although there were not many of us there... but we had a good time of chatting and laughter. Talking about spiritual stuff... the BGR stuff... and the church stuff...

haha... I thought that after not catching up with them for so many years, I will feel weird. But now, I felt so much more comfortable chatting with them. Don't know why, we clicked the moment we sat down and talked. silly me... laugh until I nearly fainted.

But you know ar... we chat so much until we forgotten to take pics together. so.. no pics for this time round.

But seriously, there are so much to do for the Kingdom of God, and it is good to see one by one going out to the missions field, becoming pastors, leaders etc.

I am glad to be groomed with these leaders together because we know that our heart is always for the Lord. :)

More years to go!! Till Jesus's return.

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