Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Banner Making!

Alright!! Finally I can blog abt this! my gosh, this is such a long awaited post.

Ok, so this is the process of our banner making. It was a tough and tedious process but we all enjoyed the fruit of it very much!!

So let the pictures speak the thousand words for u!

Above pic depicts the paint and brushes that we used for the banner. :)

Here's the cloths and markers, sewing threads, needles etc...

Our Mascot materials.. the Sun!!

Here's the sun shape... and it came from the shape of the fan. hahaha... our Sun model..
Ms Gloria Lim

The sketch of the banner... done by Ms Lirong!!

The Sun/s. hmm, interesting designs... :p

The tree has been drawn out on the cloth...

The Sun is out...

The first colour... Red!

I was doing the lettering!

Orange colour!

Mikka mixing green colour!

Gloria painting Green colour!

I was trying hard to do up blue colour!

And the last colour is purple. Each colour represented each of us!

whoah!! Introducing to you the artist of the group!! Ms Jodell Soh Lirong!!

She's cool, isn't she!!!

Second night doing this during CG, and now the tree is nicely painted!

Here's Thomas painting the tree. =) He is really serious man.. haha...

Sewing the letters up to the banner.. one by one...

ta-dah!!! the banner is out!!!

My lovely NG7D2!
From left, Mikka, Gloria, Lirong, Jieyi and Thomas. And of cos, me the proud CL of the group.
Thanks for serving with me, NG7D2!!

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