Friday, December 01, 2006

Used Textbooks Project 2006

Used Textbooks Project is back! Yes.. And I am kind of proud of this project as it really benefits many people in Singapore. Though I am not in charge of the project, I am sure proud to support my fellow colleague, Bibi... at Downtown East, while she is at Yio Chu Kang CC.

This project has been around since 1983 and this year will be the 23rd year that we are running this project. I think I have ever heard of this project when I was a kid.. but I have never liked the idea of using 'used textbooks'. I think I only collected the books once? haha...

However, now as I am part of the team in this project, I am really glad as I can see many needy families benefitting from it.

And it will be starting tomorrow for the Priority Scheme Beneficiaries. And will be working from 7am to 7pm? haha or even later... dunnoe la... hope that I'm able to wake up for church on Sunday.

That is all for now... for any urgent matters, please kindly call 97*9*8**9. You can figure out the numbers if u want... haha... ciaoz for now!



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