Thursday, November 30, 2006

Power of Praise 4, 2006

11 Nov 2006

After the long journey overnight, we reached Bangkok at 6.00am. While we were getting off the bus, the sotong me left my niece's pillow on the bus. aiyo.. I felt so bad after that cos my niece entrusted her little pillow to me wor... and I actually left it in a foreign land... *abish*.. so at the end I bought her another pillow... exactly same one leh...haha...

Sister Mai came to the station to fetch us. And we went back to the ministry house straight away. Tired we are indeed... rested for less than 2 hours, we washed up, bathed and went for breakfast at about 8.00am.

Shannen got onto the bike outside the ministry house as the bike is very petite... very suitable for girls.. but guess what?? The bike belongs to bro Tony is I'm not wrong... haha...

And we ate for breakfast and we ate Chicken rice again.. haha.. we are like haunted by chicken... but it is ok la.. the chicken rice very not bad also wat... 25baht wor... lol.. dun expect too much...

Pepsi in bottles wor... i only see this kind of packaging when i was about 3-4 years old. Now already extinct in Singapore le... so it is a must take pic... :P

Outside the stadium... we took pics with the 2 brothers whom brought us to the Indoor stadium. Wow... when I reached there, I thought I was at a hillsong concert... imagine us outside Singapore indoor stadium and all are Hope people... wah.. amazing vision... we will be there one day!

The youths outside the stadium... anticipitating the entrance to POP (Power of Praise)... very FOP isn't it?? hee...

A grp pic of the gals outside the stadium...

The ushers... wow..they look so cool and pretty... wat an impressive sight... imagine our ushers wearing very nice traditional clothes? hmm... like cheong sum?? haha...

We went into the hall and I immediately greeted Shirley and Royston enthusiastically. It is good to see familiar faces and close buddies in a foriegn land... that is for sure! And indeed, me and shirley met up in Bangkok. Too bad, we didn't have enough time to catch up in Bangkok that day.

The choir in Bangkok was really good! I am so impressed with their movements and their singing... they definitely rock! In total, they had 3 attires in all. The first one was the traditional robes, then they changed into a blue polo tee and the last one I can't remember wat colour le... But surely, I understand and know that the choir is really expressive when they worshipped! Their hands were lifted high and they were all worshipping God like never before. I'm inspired.

After POP, we went out to buy some souvenirs and notebooks for our CG pple etc... And after I bought mine, I saw this very cute little girl (above pic) eating her biscuit, with her grandmother and mother of cause. I had a little chat with them and found out that the grandmother attended Hope Bangkok since the church started!! Wow... so which means she has been with Hope Bangkok for 25 years?? wah liew... I'm so thankful that God let me meet one of the pioneers..

Later on, we went to FBT building for lunch, at the foodcourt. And there we met the Malaysia team... Ps Bong's team.

After that, we went on to shopping at Ta Wat Nak... dunnoe if this is the right spelling... anyway it is a shopping market next to The Shopping Mall. Cool place... things are so cheap that I nearly fainted... much cheaper than Chatuchak. Will go there again next year... if I have the time la... too bad, I didn't managed to go Suan Lum. Shirley went and she had pretty good deals. I also wanna go next round... hee... :p

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