Friday, December 08, 2006

Happy Feet

Happy Feet has shown me what it meant by not everyone is good in everything. The whole fleet of penguins are supposed to find their heart song since they are tots but somehow, Mumble, is not able to find his. Well, instead of being able to sing really well, he was gifted with the feet that can dance and the ability to rhythm well.

I put myself in his shoes... I thought to myself, "Will I discriminate those who cannot sing as well as me?" or " Will I fade away slwoly if I am not able to perform as well as the rest?"

My goodness.. such a cute little animation movie can actually inspire me so much. I can't deny the fact that sometimes I really feel like fading away in my workplace. I felt that I couldn't have as much attention as I want from my colleagues. Well, I can say that insecurity sipped in most of the times at work and I really hope to improve from here. Somehow, being a TL is just as limited. I just cannot do what I want to.

Does certification really matter? Can a TL not do a TL's job?

I don't want to remain as it is. Mundane work will only remain mundane. Will there ever be new challenges? Must I always be sitting at the registration counter or do I have to always be receiving instructions? Can't I have a mind of my own?

haha.. I think I just have to be like Mumble. I want to find my forte. My heart's song. My abilities and giftings. I'm not as untalented right? haha...

Ok, maybe I should just pick up my guitar and sing all night long...."Don't worry... be happy..."

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Blogger Huiying said...

eh...just want to affirm you that you did a good job roasting the marshmallow just now.Right texture, nice skin, flowy inside(confirmed by Rena)..Maybe you've got a new forte too:P

Sat Dec 09, 11:40:00 PM GMT+8 

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