Friday, April 23, 2004

23 April 2004, Friday

It is Friday, the DAY of the weekdays!! Finally managed to sit down in my desk and rested for the first half of the day. I’m so happy but also feel a bit down too. In my heart, it seems that there is no sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in my life. Well, I think I shouldn’t complain so much about my situation now but to practice 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.
Anyway, this is the second week for my job and I am getting a bit more occupied than the first week. J Glad to have more things to do now. Frankly speaking, it is starting to be quite physically tiring for me. I was practically running around 6 stores yesterday for the entire day. My legs were numb and sore… Can’t think of any other thing but only on how to rest my legs and my body. While going around yesterday, I was having a slight headache. But later on in the afternoon, it began to get worse. The weather was unpredictable. It was very sunny in the afternoon, and then it starts to drizzle. Well, the lazy me didn’t bring my umbrella out, thus I was caught in the drizzle. Thankfully, it wasn’t for too long and the rain stopped. Praise God!! But my headache didn’t go away at all. I was about to surrender at my second last stop, but I have decided to go all out for the last one. And I did it. Finished everything at 5.30pm and it is knock off time!!

Went straight to Bugis for a short while as I’ve decided to give myself a short relaxing break before I meet my sheep. Well, the one-hour break really did help a bit. I managed to relax a bit and my headache began to subside for a while. Well, all in all, I managed to regain my alertness for shepherding at least. Thank God that I didn’t give sub-standard food to my sheep.

After shepherding session, I went to meet Alex at his office for P&W practice. It was surprising. Met my marketing junior at his workplace. And that gal was the one that got selected together with Alex for the training position. She was 2 years my junior. Remembered that I’ve attended her class for one of the year 1 modules because I have to differ some modules. When I went to her class, her class was indeed a culture shocked one for me. It’s really so “ang mo pai” man. Anyway, put this thing aside. The P&W practice was really a great one. Though got a few interruptions by Alex’s colleagues. They are really fun and nice. Hmm no wonder Alex don’t want to go home hor…. haha (just joking!!)

Jokes aside…. Anyway for the past few days, I’ve been trying to know what’s happening at Nicoll Highway, one road that I used to travel past a lot. I feel sad… not for the road but for the injured workers and casualties and their families. I feel so sorry for them. In fact, I just cannot imagine how terrible it will be to be trapped in rubbles and mud. Just like the 911 incident, it makes me think that life is always so fragile.


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