Sunday, April 18, 2004

Today's church service was great. Learnt about why people don't believe the Lord even though there are so many many proofs about Jesus's ressurection, his reality. Perhaps, it is just the sophisticated life that many are living today. Why they don't believe? Because "Doubt is an intellectual problem; many want to believe but they struggle with questions in mind. But unbelief is a moral problem." Perhaps understand this fact - "God does not want us to submit our faith to Him without reason but the very limits of our reason makes faith a necessity."

Perhaps you might think that I'm preaching to you again. But come to think about it, if God is not real, then why are the many out there turning to Him today? Isn't it true that we should check out the very reality of God in our lives today? Give Jesus a chance to prove His reality in your life and not let the chance of salvation pass by you today.

My very own personal testimony. hope that it touches your heart:

I was Sec 1 then. I didn't believe in the reality of God because I think church is always a place where rich people go to, have to "donate" money and where prayers are made. I didn't like Christians as they like to grab u off the streets to preach to you the gospel and "force" you to become a Christian by saying the "so-called" Sinner's prayer.
Then, there was this particular morning that I was supposed to go for my Netball session as usual during one of the weekday mornings. Then I was crossing the road at the traffic junction. It was green man crossing and I was about to reach the part where vehicles and buses have to stop while I continue crossing. Suddenly, this bus came and I thought that it will stop but it didn't. I did not even stop crossing then. But out of no where, I felt that there was this force that pulled me back from the bus, one and a half steps away. I was stunned. Then, the bus driver stopped after realising that he almost knocked me down. He kept apologising to me. I said, "It's ok" (cos I'm too shocked to say anything else.)
After the bus went off I continued to complete this crossing of the road. When I looked back, I realised that there's this church behind me. It was the "Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church". Nope not that the church saved me. But it's the God of the church that pulled me out of this danger. Frankly speaking, at that point, I know that God saved me. And i made this prayer in my heart, "God thanks for saving me." But I didn't receive Jesus there and then. I continued to have fun in my secondary school life but that didn't help me to experience true love and friendships in life. I was happy but it was only temporary. I have lots of friends but no one can really be a friend that I can truely trust at all.
Shortly after two years, when I was Sec 3, I finally received Him as my Lord and Saviour. I recognised that there are many situations in my life that is beyond my control. eg. my job search, family financial situation, my health condition, my life etc.... I can only say that I need to believe in One that is greater than me. One who hears my prayers and one that loves me without any fault finding. His grace is abundant for me.

Well, I did not change overnight but gradually, as I realised my weaknesses in my life day by day. My rebellious spirit, my stubborness in my ways, the disrespectful manners towards my parents and seniors and the way I treated my peers in school disappeared gradually. I began to find joy and true love in friendships in my life. I bring my friends to church and activities not because I want them to know more people nor to find better life partners for themselves. I want them to experience the love that Jesus shown me before and even at this very point in time and forevermore. Most importantly, I treasure the friendships and would want them to spend life eternally with me.

Friends, classmates and buddies.... I love you guys. Whether you are a Christian anot, I wish and I hope that Jesus would somehow touch your heart. Once again, I plead and beg of you, "Give Jesus a chance." He is good.

With lots of sincerity and earnest prayers for my friends,
Yanyan aka Tricia


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