Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Remembered something that happened to me many years back. I was a new leader in the Youth ministry in the church. Happily, I was led by God to pioneer some schools in the East part of Singapore. When I was really fervent to reach out to the students who are lost spiritually, something happened. I was preparing to lead a CG that day when some of the gals in my group were there early with me. While talking to one of the girls, we were joking and laughing away when suddenly, one of the gals sudeenly slapped me on the right cheek of my face, which the other gals and myself was shocked. Can't remember why she slapped me but the rest actually scolded her for doing that to me. Well, I kept saying, "It's ok, it's ok", but the gals kept consoling me. But my heart was broken deep inside. Perhaps, it was really hurting till that point of time. But I really didn't hold anything against that gal at any point in time. My heart now for this gal is the same old thing, hope that she'll find Jesus again. :) cheers in Christ.


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