Thursday, April 01, 2004

Yup. Morning I woke up in fluster. I knew that I have to go for the NTUC interview but I kept procrastinating - from 7.50am to 8.15am. Then I finally won the bed monster. I struggled but I got out of my bed eventually. Quickly, I washed up, bathed, changed and put on a light make up so that I won't look that bad for the second interview after all. Then at the back of my mind, I knew that I have to photocopy my 'O' level certificate. So after preparation, I grabbed my stuff and quickly rush out of house to look for the nearest photocopier machine in my neighbourhood area. But in the end, to my disappointment I couldn't find any one at all as all the shops are not even opened at all. Well, at that time I know that I'm getting late already. So I went to the road, looking about to fetch a cab. No cabs and it's already 9.20am. Well, my interview is at 9.45am you know. Well, I started praying and asking God to help. Waited and waited, still no cabs. But just as I was about to call for a cab, a comfort taxi came along and I boarded the cab. Hee!! Praise the Lord, He answers at the right time.

When the cab reached NTUC Fairprice HQ, I went to the reception and asked for the HR personnel. Then after that, I saw one of the candidates that I saw last Thursday during the first round of interview. She's selected for the second round of interview too. Well, in my heart I was really thinking, "Oh no... another tough competitor. She speaks real well, you know." But I made up my mind, walk over and say Hi, so to make one more friend than one more enemy. So we managed to talk and discuss about our first assessment that we had last week. When I was about to ask what she's doing currently, the HR personnel called her in for the interview. Well, then I could only sit there and wait for my turn. While waiting, I saw a very familiar face. She's my ex-poly Marketing coursemate. She was coming as a supplier for Wella products, together with her boss. Well, we don't really communicate much during our poly days as she has her own clique of friends and same goes for me. But before I was called in for interview, I asked her for an exchange of contact numbers. She has matured and became more friendly than last time.

After conversing for a while, the HR personnel asked me in for the interview. So I became nervous again. But my heart was really full of faith as I know that God will see me thru and the Holy Spirit will guide me in what I say. So when I saw the interviewers, they were both the ones that assessed me last thursday. I greeted both, and shaked their hands. Upon sitting down, I smiled and I looked into both of their eyes. First question: " Can you please tell me more about yourself?" So I replied by saying that I can break ice with strangers easily and have no problem meeting up with people... bla bla bla... The he posted a second question, "So what are you doing right now?" I was like stunned for a short 3 seconds then I began to say that I'm not working now and I've been looking around for jobs and even went to a MLM presentation of a company recently. Still open and looking into potential jobs in the market. Well, third question, "So what makes you think that you are suitable for this Customer Relations Officer job?" So I gave them an answer like, "Well, to service customers well is part of the criteria but it is also important that we do not let customers take advantage of the company or even climb over us. But for sure, we should also deal with such customers carefully so that they not bad mouth the company and ruin it's reputation, writing to media and complaining to almost every party that they find possible to do so..." heehee I think they were really stunned at how I answered their questions. Then after that, they asked me if I remembered of my proposal of the Customer relations launch that I answered last week, and they asked me how would I go about launching it... Well, these questions didn't just shocked me but they woke me up. So on and off, answering lots of questions and asking lots of questions it took around 20 to 25 minutes or so. At the end of the interview, I thanked them and they say that they would call me in a week or two's time. So I said this, "Ok. I'll hear from you guys. Hee. Trying to be positive here as I hope." They laughed and the HR personnel sent me to the reception. I turned around and said to her this, "Hey Xiaoyan, thanks. Really thanks a lot once again." I think she thought that I have some question to ask her or something, but never she did expect me to say thanks to her twice. Hee... but frankly speaking there is no spirit of flattery here but purely a heart of thanksgiving and courtesy as well. So I went off with a glad and joyful heart, though I was thinking that 1 to 2 weeks' time of wait can be kind of long.

Then in the afternoon at about 2 plus, I received a call, an unfamiliar number. It was the HR personnel, Xiaoyan. "Hi can I speak to Tricia please? ... This is Xiaoyan from NTUC Fairprice. We would like to offer you the Customer Relations Officer position. Would you like to accept it?" she asked. "Of course. Why not? I'm more than happy to accept it." I answered with so much excitement. Hee.... Everything went on with a surprise element. I was so excited that my voice trembled. She gave me a brief idea of the amount that she is offering me, with allowance as well. I'm really happy about it. From teh application to the two interviews to the offer, every single happening is a God thing. I know that it is a blessed thing because I did ponder for a long while about this job before I sent in my application. And I got it!! Praise the Lord!!

Like what I can always remember, God has never left me without a job for more than a month. And most importantly, He knows that I need it especially for pioneering, I need a job near Yishun. "Lord, it is really You!!" I'll not forget about this blessing that He blessed me with at this point in time. I'll always give u my best as I ought to. Thank you Lord!!


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