Tuesday, March 16, 2004

MC again. This time round down with flu and sore throat. Must be due to the sinful ice-cream that I ate yesterday with Jane at Cafe Cartel. But even before I ate the ice-cream, I was already having running. nose. (Been sneezing 5 times since I started typing this entry) Can't stop this sneezing thingy... hated running nose.... I think must be nephew and niece who passed the flu bug to me... now they are well, and I am not... haha... but I rather I'm the one that's sick. U noe kids cry a lot when they are not feeling well.... at least I don't cry like they do. Keke

Anyway I went to Jonaphine's company for an interview yesterday. It was a great one. The lady who interviewed me was very nice and helpful... Whether I can get the job anot is one thing, but at least I know that there are still nice people around in the working society. Hehe I'm just glad to meet her. Looking forward to the Unit combined CG this Thurs... God is moving!!! Amen?!?


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