Saturday, March 27, 2004

Amazing Interview!

On thurs, it was really an amazing time of interview with NTUC Fairprice Co-operative. There's more than one candidate for sure. When the clock strike 2.30pm, there were almost 10 people in the classroom. The lady in-charge relocated all of us into teams of 3 people each. Some has 4 though. After some introduction for herself and another guy, they gave us some materials and asked us to build a tower with a piece of A4 size that can hold 2 lemons. Then we were give 10 minutes to plan, 35 minutes to build and do a marketing proposal, convincing the judges why they should buy our concept. This is only the first round of assessment.

The second round was more like a test. For NYP students, we call the tests ICA. The questions were on Customer Relations Launch and how to draft an apologies letter to the customer who made a complaint. All in all, I wrote down the answers, one full page for each question. I really don't know what the outcome will be like but I really want to get it as the company is at Upper Thomson Rd. It is really near my house and I am sure that if i get this job it is going to be a blessing to the pioneering work that is coming up next in the North. I'll trust the Lord for this. Anyway I've already done my best. (Sounds familiar right?)

Anyway above all else, God's plan is the best!!


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