Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Busy Day!!

Have not been to work for two days. The moment I stepped into the office today, I realised that I have many undone tasks that need to be accomplished by that morning. To my amazement, the manager that used to be handling my department had his last day yesterday. (Didn't even manage to wish him best...) Well, working here is like that. You never know when's is the next one having his/her last day here. So the new Product Executive has reported to work this morning. He'll be taking over my position. And now, Michelle has to oversee her regional job as well as the local one. Guess that she'll be piled with lots and lots of work in the office.
Spoken to my HR cum Finance Manager just now. She asked me how am I doing for the past two days... (In fact many whom saw me this moring sent their regards to me...) And at the end of the conversation she told me that the management might want me to clear my leave next week before my last day... (They just don't want to pay for my leave) Well, I kept complaining to her that this is so unfair for me. Hmm but come to think of it, maybe I should have a good short break before I start on another new job. I know that God will be granting me one really soon. I'm really anticipating for it!!
Looking into a more Sales-oriented job now as I strongly believe that this is one of my strengths. I can't do Customer Service as it is too boring and I'm too impatient listening to the complaints. I can't do admin as it will be too boring. Sales is challenging though it has its stress as well. I pray that God will give me a secure job that allows me to work towards an advancement in my career and my service to Him will always be a PRIORITY. Glory and honor to His name!!
Tricia aka Yanyan


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