Thursday, March 18, 2004

Early Release

I will ask for an early release most likely. I will clear my 4 days leave that have been left. Quite pathetic isn't it. Well, I want to go off early so that I can go for interviews at ease. Or else, I will be quite bored at work man. (Like now?) I have handed over almost everything to the new Product Executive. Hopefully, Monday will be my last day and I can rest for a couple of days before I go on a job hunt again. I'm happy that I'm going off and tomorrow we'll be having a farewell dinner with my colleagues.... celebrating my farewell as well as another colleague's one as well. We'll be going to Merchant Court Hotel for a buffet dinner... Yummie!! Hopefully I will be well by tomorrow. I wanna eat the chocolate cakes there man!!! Yeah... ;) Currently, I'm looking for Sales and Marketing jobs that can help me develop my strengths. Today, my colleague (a senior uncle) just advised me to be a financial advisor as he thinks that I have the potential and ability. But frankly speaking, I hate to get people to buy Insurance as I don't like to chase people for money. Hmm I think my insurance agent also has a hard time servicing clients like me as well.
I just did a personality test last Sunday with Alex and Josherine. At the end of the test, my personality goes like this:
Charismatic - Commanding - Considerate - Correct
I don't like to be correct as I think I hate rules and regulations. It is so tiring to follow a set of Dos and Don'ts... So why Charismatic? I'm one that likes to meet people and I have very good interpersonal skills too. Basically, I think I can melt the hearts of those hardened ones out there... hehe (hmm by God's strength I can do it!!) I love to laugh.... really laughing my lungs out!! (??) haha Someone just spoke to me last Sunday during the Anniversary celebration, "Yanyan, you are really very talkative... haha..." and someone told me this, "You are really our kai xin guo" (in mandarin) which means I'm the happy-go-lucky girl so as to say. But frankly speaking I'm not who I am due to what they say, I am who I am due to what God created me to be. God created me to be the top 15%.... hehe I think so if I didn't remember wrongly, the ones that are full of energy, outspoken and never tired of meeting people. Hmm but I do feel tired of talking at times. When I'm quiet, something can be really wrong. Either I'm sick, not feeling well or down emotionally. So people, don't think that I'm always so jovial but I do have my down times too.
Hmm I guess it is only right if I can offer my prayers to God now.
"Father, I need your very divine help and powers to guide me and lead me now at this moment. Though I do not know what lies ahead in my future, but Lord, I know that You have prepared the best for me in my life. Show me your ways through miraculous ways so that I'll know that it is You who blesses me and not by any pure coincidences at all. Teach me to walk in your light so that men on earth can see You in me. I am nothing but only a sheep that needs the Chief Shepherd so much. Secure my heart with your very Word and let your Holy Spirit strengthen my soul. Only You can make me whole. I pray that you will continuously prepare me to bear much fruit, fruit that will last for your glory. Give me compassion so that I'll love the lost as much as You have poured out Your love for them. Thank You Jesus for everything. I love You to the best that I know how. Thank You. In Your Son's most precious name I pray, Amen!"


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